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Maple Hills Cozy Series Bundle (EBOOKS)

Maple Hills Cozy Series Bundle (EBOOKS)

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Includes ALL 12 ebooks in the Maple Hills Cozy Mystery series from bestselling author, Wendy Meadows. This complete bundle hasn't been offered anywhere else and NEVER at this great price.

Maple Hills Mystery ebook collection includes the 12 books in this culinary mystery series. Good, clean, hobby sleuthing for you to enjoy.

#1 Raspberry Truffle Murder - INCLUDED FREE!

A new chocolate shop owner in a cozy Vermont town, a hit and run leaves a man dead, and unexpected twists no one saw coming...

#2 Peppermint Chocolate Murder

A woman sleuth, a handsome detective, and a dead body found in their cozy town… Can Nikki and Hawk solve this mysterious murder?

#3 Blueberry Truffle Murder

It's a murder case that cuts just a little too close to home for Nikki, an amateur sleuth, in the latest crime to hit her not-so-quiet cozy town!

#4 Sea Salt Caramel Murder

Trouble seems to follow Nikki like a dark cloud of misfortune. When the Captain of her cruise ship is murdered, it is up to her to get to the bottom of the mystery.

#5 Georgia Peach Truffle Murder

Like a black cat, Nikki Bates seems to attract bad luck and trouble wherever she goes.

#6 Gold Flake Chocolate Murder

Nikki is in Fall Cliff, Vermont realizing that the prison break isn't so kosher and that something isn't right.

#7 Coconut Chocolate Murder

Nikki has to figure out who slipped poison in her chocolate peppermint and poisoned a customer.

#8 Turkey Truffle Murder

Murder has struck again in this cozy Vermont town.

#9 Christmas Chocolate Murder

A hunted college coed named Susan appears at Nikki's front door, seeking hers and her son Seth’s help from an invisible hitman.

#10 Chocolate Heart Murder

It's Valentine's Day in the wintery small town of Maple Hills, and true love is in the air.

#11 Bear Truffle Murder

All seems well in the sleepy little town of Maple Hills, Vermont, especially for Nikki and her son, Seth. But then, a mysterious and dark stranger arrives in Nikki’s cherished chocolate shop.

#12 Wedlock Cake Murder

A mishap on a wedding day spoils the union – it’s every bride’s nightmare in this cozy mystery.

Read a Sample

Chapter One from Raspberry Truffle Murder

Dipping her right index finger down into a glass bowl, Nikki Bates swooped up a small amount of freshly stirred dark chocolate mix and nervously sampled the taste. "Relax, Mom," Seth Bates told his mother, setting his backpack down at his feet. Leaning against the kitchen counter lined with bowls of different chocolate mixes, he shook his head. "Here I am off to college, and here you are making delicious chocolate. Now tell me again why I'm about to waste my youth slaving over books when I could help you run your store?"

Allowing the taste of the chocolate to settle in her mouth like a child deciding if she liked the taste of a new candy or not, Nikki studied her son's young and innocent face. Seth came later in life than she'd expected. Here she was, a forty-two-year-old woman, divorced after twenty years of marriage, starting her life fresh and new in a small town in Vermont. And there stood her son, a skinny, nervous and shy young man who was terrified at the idea of leaving home and venturing off into the powerful tides of college. Wiping her black bangs off her forehead, she sighed. Glancing down at the plain, light blue dress, she felt depressed and bland. Although she had once won the beauty pageant in her hometown in Georgia when she was twenty-one, those years now seemed far away, replaced by crow's feet and sadness. "Seth, you have a wonderful scholarship. It's not every day a young man gets a scholarship to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country."

Watching his mother examine her outward appearance like a tired bird wondering which feather to pluck next, Seth lowered his eyes. He didn't like to see his mother so sad, but what could he do? His dad had deserted them for a new life in Los Angeles. Looking down at the jeans he was wearing, he felt helpless. "Will you be okay, Mom? I mean...being alone?"

"Oh, sure," Nikki promised, putting on a brave voice. "Tomorrow is the grand opening of my store, just in time for tourist season. I'm scared, but excited. It's good for me to be here, Seth. I needed away from Georgia...from the memories."

Raising his head, Seth swung his eyes around the kitchen. The kitchen was small but nice, all hardwood. A wooden island with a stove stood in the middle of the kitchen like a welcoming beacon shining from a tall lighthouse. At the end of the kitchen, an oval window hung over the kitchen sink, offering a view to a broad backyard with a wide duck pond. The cabin his mother had purchased, Seth thought, was actually kinda cool. He especially liked the stone fireplace in the living room and the smell of pine emanating from the wood. Maybe his mother would be all right? Maybe college wouldn't be all that bad? Maybe life would go on after all. "Well, my bus leaves in an hour. I guess you better drive me into town, huh?"

"I'm so very proud of you," Nikki told her son. Walking to him, she embraced him. "Someday you're going to become a fine doctor, you just wait and see."

"I might become a dentist instead. With all of this chocolate around, this town might need one," Seth joked. 

"Maybe," Nikki joked back, feeling her spirits lift. "Okay, come on, Mr. College-Man, let's get you into town. Today begins the first step of the rest of your life."

* * *

After dropping off her son in town, Nikki drove back to her cabin, bawling her eyes out. She had been able to withhold her tears in front of Seth, but as soon as his bus pulled away, the floodgates opened. Her baby boy was grown up. Memories of feedings and diaper changes, smiles that were actually gas, first words, first tooth, whispered in Nikki's mind. She knew from what other mothers told her that the day she sent her son off to college she would cry an ocean of tears. Now that day had come, and here she was, driving down a beautiful country road, crying her ocean of tears. Nikki knew, though, that she was crying over other things. Her divorce had been messy and cruel. Leaving Georgia to begin a new life in Vermont had been extremely difficult. She felt lost and somehow trapped in a strange new world that she had been thrust into unwillingly. Watching rain begin to tap at the windshield of her white SUV, she clicked on the windshield wipers. "I'll go home and read a book. That's what I'll do," she promised herself. "I'll make myself some hot chocolate and read a good mystery. Tomorrow will be a better day. Life will get back to has to."

Overhead, dark gray storm clouds settled in over Nikki's cabin and remained until morning.

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