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Alexis uncovers a secret the Charles family wishes had stayed buried forever.

Following a corporate lay-off, the once focused and practical Alexis Cole finds herself questioning everything, especially her estranged mother’s disappearance.)

When her father shares the last crumpled correspondence from the mysterious and freewheeling Amelia, Alexis follows the clues to Blackvine Manor Apartments. Against her father’s wishes, Alexis moves into the notoriously haunted buildings and unearths more than she ever thought possible.

Reeling from strange experiences with latent psychic abilities, Alexis soon realizes that her mother’s connection to Blackvine Manor is attached to a family tragedy suffered by the skeptical landlord, Maxwell Charles. Her growing attraction to Maxwell is only tempered by his solid disbelief in what she can do.

In an effort to harness her new found senses, Alexis follows the clues left behind by her mother. Allowing herself to be led to the terrifying basement, she uncovers a secret the Charles family wishes had stayed buried forever.