Whispering Hills Murder

A creepy old manor, spine-chilling supernatural rumors, and a murderer stalking the shadows…

Roped into visiting the infamous Dead and Breakfast, a spooky horror-themed vacation spot, Patricia McKay is expecting a stay filled with excitement and a few good scares. But after a vicious snowstorm descends and traps the guests inside, her visit begins to take a far more sinister turn.

Stuck in the old manor and sleeping in the very same room where a gruesome murder took place years ago, the horrors of the past rear their heads when a new dead body is discovered. Patricia soon finds herself caught up in a deadly murder mystery. With nobody to rely on but her strange host, she must unravel the clues and unmask the killer lurking in the shadowy halls – before it’s too late.

But in the creaky old Dead and Breakfast, the rabbit hole goes deep. As she tumbles further into her investigation, Patricia must sleep with one eye open. With a murderer afoot, ghost stories are the least of her worries…

Can Patricia unmask the killer and solve this sinister mystery? Or will she wind up as the Dead and Breakfast’s next victim?


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