What a Peachy Night

Sweet Peach Bakery #8

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After Momma Peach returns home after a hectic case in Tennessee and a little sun on a warm island, she finds herself feeling that something dark has arrived in her town. It isn't long after that a heavy fog settles in and transforms Momma Peach's town into a strange and dangerous new world hiding a deadly killer set on revenge that forces the past to be revisited in order to save the future.

But revisiting the past takes Momma Peach down a dark tunnel she had forced her memories to hide. However, Momma Peach is forced to yank open a locked door and walk into a fancy hotel filled with murder, mystery and a battle that sets mind against mind. But Momma Peach can't open the door until she sends the people she loves away, only allowing Michelle to stay behind to help her. Michelle isn't about to let Momma Peach get killed and sets out on a mission to uncover many hidden secrets that may help Momma Peach defeat her killer.

What nobody knows is that deep down Momma Peach is terrified and afraid to face the killer, her past, and her memories. But when Old Joe steps into the picture he helps Momma Peach gain the strength to fight. But will Momma Peach’s courage come too late or just in the nick of time to save her life? And will her mind figure out a way to trap a killer or finally be put into checkmate?