The Snowman Killer

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A new town. A new life. And a new beginning.

A New Life

Sarah Garland is a retired homicide detective from Los Angeles, California, who found her peace in the cozy town of Snow Falls, Alaska. After a painful divorce, she now owns a successful coffee shop in the quaint town and is ready to pursue her new career as a mystery writer. But the peace of her own private winter escape is soon interrupted.

A Frightening Discovery

One cold winter morning, Sarah finds a grotesque snowman in front of her new home, despite being miles away from town on two acres of private land. Although Sarah first suspects the new Detective Conrad Spencer is the culprit of the snow tricks, she quickly realizes that a deadly criminal has been inspired by her new novel and takes pleasure in taunting her.

A Formidable Force

After confiding in her new best friend Amanda, Sarah is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Learning that Detective Conrad is more of a friend than a foe, the group must work together to find the real criminal.

18381 reviews for The Snowman Killer

  1. Judy Tucker

    Good wins again

    The Snowman Killer is a good read for a snowy night. Snuggle up by the fire and enjoy this Alaskan story. The characters will invite you to keep reading this series to see how they develope

  2. JM

    The Snowman Killer

    This was really exciting. I really enjoyed the characters and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Thanks!!

  3. LMC

    Right on time

    Perfect reading

  4. Bookzilla


    This stand-alone is easy to follow. Editing errors, no graphic violence or drag-you-down drama.The storyline is intriguing but the execution leaves something to be desired. Why doesn’t a former homicide detective have security system and internet? Satellite systems are available and the lead character has the money. Flexible procedures, actions and reactions. The characters and dialogue are okay, nothing memorable.No desire to re-read this story. Remember this is my personal opinion and does not reflect on the author.

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  5. Customer Cathy

    Interesting Mystery

    This is cute little mystery is set in Alaska while a snowstorm is occurring. Conrad a detective from New York who comes to find out who had killed his ex and helps a local woman named Sarah find out who is trying to scare her. Sarah is a writer who, herself, used to be a detective in Los Angeles until her husband dumped her for a younger woman, which prompted Sarah to move to Alaska. This is a fun mystery.

  6. sheila latulipe

    Thrilling till the end

    What an amazing book. Right from the first chapter I was hooked. Loved where this story took place and the characters were entertaining. If you love a mystery this one is for you.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Cozy winter mystery read with a twist

    Loved it! Can’t wait to read others in the series. Kept me on the edge of my seat to get to the bottom of the mystery. Loved the small town atmosphere and lovable characters.

  8. Kindle Customer

    3 Stars

    A good premise for a story, however the execution needs some work. The beginning is rushed with much of the setup awkwardly fit in the dialog. There are several books with an ongoing story.

  9. Grammymamoo

    Good Story

    I liked the story and the characters, but the relationship between the main character and the murderer was a bit disjointed. It made the wrap-up at the end kind of lacking substance.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Would make a nice tv show

    This was a short, fast paced mystery with a few interesting twists. It obviously was meant to set up a series. It’s worth a couple of hours to read.

  11. Kindle Customer

    Good read

    Convoluted, twisty, macabre – everything a good mystery needs! And I didn’t figure out the killer early, always a plus!

  12. Hmmmmm

    Great Story

    I loved this one. The characters were good, the mystery good, kept me entertained through the whole story. I look forward to reading the next one.

  13. Unknown

    Good book!

    LIKED the book right from the beginning.I love it when the mystery starts at the beginning of the book instead of after descriptions of the whole town and all the people who live in it.I have given up on many books that go on and on about everything else except the mystery. Thank you Wendy for the good read. I only bought the first book as a trial run, I’m on my way to buying the next three!!! Yea!!!

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  14. Val

    I just don’t know 😐

    Not sure what I think of this book. 😕 I liked the characters 😊 and the plot was intriguing 😲 but the story seemed RUSHED. I will continue to read the remaining books and hopefully 🙏 I can get a real feel for the series. ☺

  15. DK

    Fantastic Cozy Mystery

    Enjoyed the Cast of Characters. As well as the Unfolding of the entire mystery.I look forward to the next book!

  16. Lindsay Mc

    Plenty of twists and turns!

    This has become one of my favorite series from just the first book alone! I was instantly hooked and couldn’t put it down. Just when you think you have the suspect figured out, another piece of information is added and makes you think again! Highly recommended! Love the characters, as well.

  17. A.Domejka

    Fun,quick read

    I enjoyed this fun story. Lots of great characters and the story held my interest. Can’t wait to read more of this series

  18. Connie A.

    Snowmen will never be the same again!!

    I really enjoyed the suspense and how real Sarah, Conrad, and Amanda’s characters were. I felt such dreadful each time Sarah entered her home just knowing the killer would be waiting for her. Yikes!


    Captured my imagination in the first line.

    A great read. The interaction of Sarah and her world and Conrad is a page turner. I love the cues and miscues.

  20. Suesinger

    Neat story,. Short and satisfying.

    This is a good story with plenty of twists and turns. The ending is unexpected but it does tie it up nicely.

  21. Joan Koko

    A bit creepy, but good enough that I bought the next 2 in the series.

    Sarah Garland a retired Detective from California moves to Snowfalls Alaska. She writes books under the name of Milly Stevens, which is a well kept secret.. Now on her remote property it seems as though her book about the Snowman Killer is coming to life. Someone built a scary snowman in her front yard while she was in town. Her friend Amanda Funnel who relocated to Alaska from London with her husband is meeting Sarah in town at Sarah’s little coffee shop and will be spending the week with her while her husband is out of town. But when they get back to Sarah’s house another evil looking snowman is in her yard. They end up calling the police and Officer Andrew Mayfield comes out along with Detective Conrad Spencer you just arrived from New York. Sarah is suspicious of Detective Spencer who seems to know all about her life.

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  22. Denota Heiskell

    Great story great writing loved it!

    This was a very good book. It kept my interest and kept me wanting more. I was sad to finish. I wanted to keep reading more. I have another favorite author. I love how she described scenes and built the story. My problem was putting it down.

  23. C. L. Exline

    A must read Series

    Awesome series. Absolutely enjoy the book. The characters are awesome. Sarah and Amanda, especially Conrad. The snowman in Sarah’s front yard made things creepy. Great read. Be sure to check out other series by Wendy Meadows. one in particular Sweetfern Harbor. It’s a bit warmer than in Alaska

  24. Kindle Customer

    Quick cozy mystery

    This was a very quick read. Just something I picked up for the last couple of weeks of the year. I didn’t want anything too heavy to read and this book was perfect. I enjoyed the characters, including the new cop in town…dark and brooding. The story is just creepy enough and a great who done it book. I think I’ll have to head on over and get the next book. Highly recommend

  25. Kindle Customer

    Super Chilly Alaska Cozy Mystery!

    I have to admit I was drawn to this mystery series because of it taking place in snowy Alaska. I wasn’t disappointed. I was drawn into this mystery from the very first page, and was not ready for it to end when it did. I love this new series, including the characters, and of course, Alaska! Wendy Meadows is a new favorite author for me!

  26. Chris Porter

    Great gift

    Got for a gift for my aunt who lived in Alaska for decades. She seemed to get a kick out of it. Fast delivery.

  27. LoriBen

    A chilly thriller . . .

    Sometimes you wonder why people head off to the woodlands of Alaska. Sarah has a good reason, but it doesn’t come alive till the end of the book. Worth a read!

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  28. Judi


    I read this book in one sitting. I wish it hadn’t end. Edge of your seat at times and an ending that will want you reading the next book. Great characters.

  29. Coco

    A good book

    This book introduces us to Sarah and Amanda, best friends who solve crimes. Well written, likeable characters, and a good plot. No gore, no vulgar language, a safe read for everyone even tweens who like mysteries.

  30. Dancing Brushes

    Simply clever

    The characters are too simplistic….the story was somewhat engaging….a clever plot that could be enhanced…not sure about reading a #2….

  31. Amazon Customer


    This is a very chilly, sound tingling story. I had a hard time figuring out the killer. Good plot twist and excellent characters. The writing was easy to follow and I loved the whole book. Good job.

  32. Carolyn Kashady

    Good read

    Enjoyed this book so much. Just when you think you have the crime solved, another idea hits you. Good book, not repetitive as some books are. Just a straight story.

  33. Kindle Customer

    Another good book!

    I really enjoyed this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat a lot. Good plot. Good characters. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series..

  34. B.T.


    A very intense book. The snowman was an interesting’s many twists and turns kept me guessing. Great read! I want to read more.

  35. Hannah

    Quick, easy read

    It was just ok to me. Although I did enjoy the characters. I would probably read the rest of the series.

  36. Kindle Customer


    This is a very enjoyable story that will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through it with an interesting twist at the end. A must read!

  37. Virginia L. Eggleston

    Snowman Killer

    This was a good quick read. I will order more in the series.

  38. Vicki W

    A very thriller of a cozy

    Suspense and mystery combine to make a fascinating story. A retired LA cop, her best friend and a strange new man in town from New York follow the leads to solve this scary mystery.

  39. Kindle Customer

    Scary, fast paced

    I loved the book! A really good mystery. Looking forward to reading more books in this series.Hard to put down

  40. holden sill

    Good quality & fast shipping

    Bought this book as a gift and it seems to have really good quality. Fast shipping and overall, would recommend.

  41. mel345

    Scary snowman

    Sarah moves to Snow Falls, Alaska after her divorce to open a coffee shop and write her mysteries under a pseudo name. A story about a killer that builds a snowman and puts a leather jacket on it is re-created in her front yard so now she is wondering who knows she is the writer and why they are after her. She joins forces with another detective that moves to the same town to investigate the murder of his ex-wife. This a very twisty story and the person after her is not the person you think it will be. This is the first in the series and it feels a little choppy. I am hoping the next one is better.

  42. reader

    Enjoyed it

    A quick read and likeable characters. All the ice and snow makes me cold, but the story is warming. Enjoyable.

  43. Linda Kindle Customer

    Worth the purchase

    First book in this series and caught my interest to purchase the number 2!! Think this will be a winning series if she keeps this up.

  44. Shirley Pumfrey


    Very interesting story. Different characters were great. Would have liked it a little, longer. Hope her next book has a little more, to it.

  45. Sea Nymph

    Good premise, but…..

    I liked the premise of the story very much. Sarah was likeable, as was Conrad. The plot was most plausible. My problem with it was that the book was entirely too short. The set up was good, but once they had a clue as to the identity of the perpetrator, everything seemed rushed from then on. I felt there should have been some more development, fleshing the story out more.

  46. paula m. frantz

    Best Cozy Mystery ever

    Please please read this book The Snowman Killer by Wendy Meadows. It is definitely a page turner. This is the first book in it’s Series. The series is called Alaska Cozy Mystery Book 1You will not be sorry. It’s perfect from beginning to end. Just the right amount of description through out this book.Great rob Wendy. Can’t went ti read book 2.

  47. AdaMarie65

    Wow! Just Wow!

    I read the author’s Chocolate Mystery Series and loved it. Then I thought I might try something more gripping and suspenseful. Since Alaska was my home for a while, I decided to try the Alaska Cozy Series. I had all the suspense I could handle! I seriously could not put this book down! Wendy Meadows really nailed it! Excuse me now, I have to go read the next book!

  48. C Hancock

    Great story idea, poorly executed

    This book was just ok for me. I didn’t feel like the characters grew at all throughout the story. It was a cookie cutter mystery with storyline that has potential but boring characters. One reason for this is because it’s extremely rushed. The actual story of the “snowman killer” is brilliant and this could have developed into a great suspenseful mystery, it was just too rushed and underdeveloped.

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  49. K M

    Short and Sweet!

    Very descriptive writer! Nice short story that will keep you on your toes! I love a good mystery and this one really grabbed me, LOL.

  50. Kindle Customer

    Not worth the time

    Storyline is just too farfetched. It insults the reader’s intelligence. Characters are very weak and hard to visualize. Finished the book, only to see it ended.

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  51. Karin

    The Snowman Killer by Wendy Meadows

    Are the deaths connected??? Rhonda helped – a little – then what??? I enjoyed the story and recommend the book.

  52. M&M

    Good story

    Good story, believable characters, I just might have too read more from be this author!

  53. Kindle Customer

    A good mystery.

    I really enjoyed this story. It is not long, but the author built up the suspense and gave her characters life. Sarah is a retired cop turned mystery writer. I like her and the other characters. There are surprises is the plot.

  54. L. Johnson

    gently suspenseful cozy mystery

    4.5 StarsEnjoyed this cozy mystery with a touch of suspense. Great groundwork for the characters and nice development of friendships. Laid a foundation for more stories and more depth to the protagonists. Nicely done!

  55. Danq

    I like blizzards/snow storms.

    I enjoyed reading this story. I liked the characters. The events occurring kept the reader guessing. However, for a detective, she is held back and given the personality of a normal girl, not a cop. I found the ending of the book to be forced. It is a convoluted story that I found lacking. But, I enjoyed the characters so I will be trying book # 2!!

  56. Amazon Customer

    Kept me in suspense.

    I can’t wait to read the next book I. The Alaska Cozy MysteriesI couldn’t read it fast enough. Great read.

  57. Kindle Customer

    “A Very Well Written Story”

    This is a great small-town murder mystery about Sarah Garland, a resigned Los Angeles homicide detective and recently divorced. She now owns a coffee shop in freezing Snow Falls, Alaska. She also finds peace in this small town and enjoys writing stories under a fake name.l That is until ugly snowman begin showing up in front of her cabin. Her life is threatened. Another NYC detective is also in the town to hunt for the murderer of his ex-wife. This is the first book of the series, and I’ve already downloaded the second book. I love the clearly defined writing style of this author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her story.

    4 people found this helpful

  58. Lauren E. Smith

    Who Would Kill a Snowman?

    Actually, the killer uses a Snowman to torment a mystery writer. Interesting characters in the frozen tundra of Alaska. An enjoyable fast cozy read!

  59. sunshine

    Lots of twists

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, the book was great, unique story line, I enjoyed almost all of it, was confused by a reaction after the suspect was caught but still a great read.

  60. megan


    It wasn’t the greatest book that I’ve read. But it was only $0.99. So I’m not out that much. I didn’t like the jumping from point of view within chapters. It just wasn’t the book for me

  61. cee dubya


    A fun story. I will read all of ms meadows books. Nice mystery. Good leadoff book for a series. Thanks Wendy

  62. Amazon Customer

    Loved it!

    I loved the characters and the scenery in the story. I love mysteries that take place during snow storms and the snowmen in the story have it such a creepy touch. I can’t wait to read book #2 in the series.

    2 people found this helpful

  63. Diane Gardner


    I can see I am really going to enjoy this series. I found it hard to put the book down once I started reading.

  64. D. Luther

    Good book.

    Good read. Unique story. I recommend reading it, you will enjoy it. I never would have guessed the ending. Good writer.

  65. ButterflyLady

    Really enjoyed this!

    My first time reading this author’s work and other than ending way too soon, it was a great introduction! I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the twist, the characters and their interactions with each other. Great series! I look forward to reading more in it.

  66. Vjean

    good mystery

    Loved the characters and the mystery. As of this review, I have read all 9.

  67. Anna M

    Fast Enjoyable Read!

    Sarah was a detective but after a bitter divorce she left Los Angeles, moved to Alaska, opened a coffee shop and continued writing books under an alias. She finds a creepy snowman wearing a leather jacket, seeks a person watching her home, snowballs with rocks thrown at her door and a break in with a message. Someone is following the story in her latest book which ends in murder. I found Sarah’s behavior not consistent with a seasoned detective. Most ex police would have a security system and not panic under stress. I loved the mystery ! I didn’t understand the sentence for one of the offenders – publicly apologize in front of the town or go jail?

  68. Kindle Customer

    The Snowman Killer

    This mystery has you trying tofigure out the tormentors andkiller is. A horrific snow stormcomplicates things. Read and see if youcan solve the mystery.

  69. Darlene J.

    This book is a winner.

    I really enjoyed the suspenseful, who done it writing. It keeps you guessing to the end. I appreciate this author’s ability to keep us reading, keep us on our toes.

  70. Lisa Nocek


    Loved the cabin in the snow. The characters were great. Now I really want to see Alaska., and all the beauty.

  71. Brenda Telford

    An enjoyable start to the series!

    Sarah Garland had moved to Snow Falls after the divorce which had shattered her. She had also left her homicide detective career behind as she needed peace and quiet in her life. Sarah owned a little coffee shop in town and her best friend Amanda always had her back. Sarah was also a writer, and she wrote crime novels under a pseudonym. But the morning she woke to a creepy snowman in her front yard, reminiscent of the scene in her last book, Sarah was freaked out. She and Amanda were immediately on the hunt.When new arrival to town, Detective Conrad Spencer, arrived at Sarah’s cottage with one of the local cops, they decided to join forces. In the meantime another snowman appeared, and the creepy lyrics of a song sounded – “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. Would Sarah, Amanda and Conrad find the culprit before the final chapter was read?The Snowman Killer is the first in the Alaska series by Wendy Meadows and I really enjoyed it. Creepy, freezing conditions with the snowstorm coating Snow Falls, and a demented snowman eating a candy cane; great characters – I’m going to be looking for the next in the series soon. Recommended.

    One person found this helpful

  72. Kindle Customer

    Love this series of books. When you start reading you won’t be able to put it down.

    Love this series of books. When you start reading you won’t be able to put it down.

  73. Kindle Customer

    Chilling good time.

    I chose this book at random as I sometimes do. And, oh man. I really, really enjoyed this one. The story and characters were beyond intriguing and engaging. They were spot on. Being a writer myself, the events in this story is a nagging thought that is always in the back of my mind. Great suspense. I look forward to reading more about these characters and their further adventures. This book is absolutely worth reading.

  74. Joseph Malinosky

    Menacing snowman

    Story was believable.

  75. Noel

    Fun to read.

    Loved getting to know the characters. Only negative was that I wanted it to be longer. Will have to buy the second book!!

  76. Anna

    Felt like I was back home!

    I loved this book.. The characters make me care abut them and I love the descriptions. I felt like I was there. i plan on reading the rest of the series and bought 2 and 3 today. Thank you Wendy.

    One person found this helpful

  77. Susan Clark

    Fascinating Twists!

    Likable characters we truly care about. Storyline is filled with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the end, which, by the way, left me holding my breath about its outcome. My ONLY criticism is that author spends perhaps a bit too much time describing setting like floors and walls and furniture. On a side note, please, Wendy, message me about what the pantry had to do with story. Either i missed something, or it’s a loose end. Thanks for enjoyable read that is heart-poundingly scary

    9 people found this helpful


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  372. TommysausA

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  374. JackROT

  375. Davidpet

  376. KimROT

  377. DenROT

  378. AnnaROT

  379. EstebanVep

  380. MaryROT

  381. YonROT

  382. MarkROT

  383. Michaelmam

  384. Robertfaums

  385. JimROT

  386. Michaelmam

  387. AmyROT

  388. NickROT

  389. Miclfug

  390. Elwoodmof

  391. YonROT

  392. MichaelOScic

  393. JaneROT

  394. JackROT

  395. DenROT

  396. WimROT

  397. DavisWhogy

  398. Darrylral

  399. Davidpet

  400. Miclfug

  401. UgoROT

  402. Michaelmam

  403. DavisWhogy

  404. Davidpet

  405. Marvinpaf

  406. EstebanVep

  407. Miclfug

  408. MichaelRhick

  409. MichaelRhick

  410. MichaelOScic

  411. CurtisDeasy

  412. CarlROT

  413. JimROT

  414. MichaelRhick

  415. JudyROT

  416. AshROT

  417. KiaROT

  418. TedROT

  419. NickROT

  420. Elwoodmof

  421. ZakROT

  422. EstebanVep

  423. CarlROT

  424. KimROT

  425. TimothyHAl

  426. PaulROT

  427. AmyROT

  428. DavisWhogy

  429. MaryROT

  430. Miclfug

  431. SueROT

  432. Davidpet

  433. TimothyHAl

  434. Miclfug

  435. SueROT

  436. SueROT

  437. Williamthify

  438. EstebanVep

  439. AmyROT

  440. SueROT

  441. Michaelmam

  442. JackROT

  443. SueROT

  444. Elwoodmof

  445. MichaelOScic

  446. Charlesmaifs

  447. MichaelPremo

  448. YonROT

  449. Robertfaums

  450. CarlROT

  451. Miclfug

  452. EstebanVep

  453. MichaelRhick

  454. WimROT

  455. DavisWhogy

  456. SueROT

  457. Marvinpaf

  458. MarkROT

  459. EstebanVep

  460. ZakROT

  461. JackROT

  462. MichaelOScic

  463. Ricloold

  464. Elwoodmof

  465. Charlesmaifs

  466. Michaelmam

  467. AnnaROT

  468. Michaelmam

  469. AmyROT

  470. MichaelRhick

  471. Michaelmam

  472. Rodneyuriny

  473. ZakROT

  474. PaulROT

  475. Richardpes

  476. PaulROT

  477. Marvinpaf

  478. JimROT

  479. JaneROT

  480. JimROT

  481. CarlROT

  482. AmyROT

  483. EstebanVep

  484. TommysausA

  485. JaneROT

  486. EvaROT

  487. MichaelOScic

  488. AnnaROT

  489. KiaROT

  490. AshROT

  491. KimROT

  492. TommysausA

  493. UgoROT

  494. BooROT

  495. Richardpes

  496. CurtisDeasy

  497. KimROT

  498. NickROT

  499. EstebanVep

  500. MichaelPremo

  501. CurtisDeasy

  502. MaryROT

  503. Davidpet

  504. Rodneyuriny

  505. Elwoodmof

  506. TommysausA

  507. TommysausA

  508. KimROT

  509. JudyROT

  510. KimROT

  511. MichaelPremo

  512. EstebanVep

  513. Darrylral

  514. Robertfaums

  515. Rodneyuriny

  516. BooROT

  517. Richardpes

  518. JasonROT

  519. DenROT

  520. YonROT

  521. MiaROT

  522. DavisWhogy

  523. WimROT

  524. EstebanVep

  525. IvyROT

  526. WimROT

  527. MarkROT

  528. MichaelRhick

  529. UgoROT

  530. DavisWhogy

  531. Rodneyuriny

  532. Robertfaums

  533. Robertfaums

  534. Elwoodmof

  535. TedROT

  536. Josephbut

  537. Samuelker

  538. MichaelPremo

  539. MichaelOScic

  540. MarkROT

  541. MiaROT

  542. CarlROT

  543. Marvinpaf

  544. CurtisDeasy

  545. YonROT

  546. Darrylral

  547. Charlesmaifs

  548. Elwoodmof

  549. TeoROT

  550. LisaROT

  551. TimothyHAl

  552. JasonROT

  553. Davidpet

  554. AmyROT

  555. Ricloold

  556. DenROT

  557. BooROT

  558. Davidpet

  559. Marvinpaf

  560. TedROT

  561. MichaelOScic

  562. TeoROT

  563. SueROT

  564. TimothyHAl

  565. ZakROT

  566. EyeROT

  567. AnnaROT

  568. MiaROT

  569. Marvinpaf

  570. Marvinpaf

  571. NickROT

  572. ZakROT

  573. ZakROT

  574. Michaelmam

  575. TedROT

  576. Edgarber

  577. JasonROT

  578. DavisWhogy

  579. AmyROT

  580. PaulROT

  581. SueROT

  582. EvaROT

  583. AmyROT

  584. SueROT

  585. Elwoodmof

  586. MichaelPremo

  587. MichaelOScic

  588. Marvinpaf

  589. JackROT

  590. Charlesmaifs

  591. LisaROT

  592. LisaROT

  593. PaulROT

  594. TimothyHAl

  595. MarkROT

  596. Marvinpaf

  597. LisaROT

  598. Richardpes

  599. Edgarber

  600. KimROT

  601. KiaROT

  602. SueROT

  603. WimROT

  604. PaulROT