The More You Snow

A peaceful day. A department store disaster. A magical illusion.

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A Peaceful Day

As a snowstorm is heading toward Snow Falls, Alaska, all Sarah wants is for her twin babies to finally be born. When Amanda convinces Sarah to participate in another shopping trip, Sarah expects another peaceful day of waddling around O’Mally’s Department store. But when Mr. O’Mally drags Sarah back into the storage room and shows her a dead body, Sarah is thrust into a mystery that leaves her chasing more questions than answers.

A Department Store Disaster

Trapped in a snowstorm with a constantly disappearing dead body, Sarah sets out on finding the answers. Sarah’s husband and Snow Falls Detective Conrad, along with Police Chief Andrew, and Los Angeles Detective Pete, all involve themselves in capturing this peculiar criminal, yet end up causing more trouble than good.

A Magical Illusion

Forced to act, Sarah creates a plan to capture the illusive criminal herself. But is he the one they’re really after, or is the real killer still on the loose? Will Sarah end her career as a homicide detective solving one last case and then becoming a mother to beautiful twin babies, or will she finally become lost in the snow…forever?