Snowy Misery

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A hazy shade of winter comes.

And this time, it brings Sarah Garland some pretty bad memories, mainly in the form of her returning ex-husband, Brad.
Determined to speak with Sarah, Brad Garland may seem the same crass, belligerent jerk that Sarah left behind in Los Angeles, but he also comes into Snow Falls carrying a terrible secret. No wonder Conrad, Sarah's current beau, and her best friend, Amanda, are none too happy to see Brad in town.
After an unbearable meal at the local diner, Brad is shockingly and mysteriously shot dead in front of the place. A failed attempt on Sarah's own life afterwards, reveals the fact that a very old-and literally cold hearted-serial killer that the former detective once captured and imprisoned, is on her tail and out for revenge. In the throes of a deadly snow storm, the killer begins an even deadlier game of Cat and Mouse with Sarah and the Snow Falls community.
Can Sarah, Conrad and Amanda stop this madman before he kills again? Or, will there be losers of all kinds in his twisted, sick and deadly game?

It's looking more like a deadly shade of winter.

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