Snow Way Out

Alaska Cozy Mystery #15

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Will Sarah survive a deadly game being carried out by two cruel clowns? Or will she finally fall victim to a new shadow that is hungry to destroy her?

When Sarah is invited to be a guest on a new pregnancy game show in Los Angeles, she leaves her home in Snow Falls, Alaska with her husband and best friend expecting to enjoy a nice, fun vacation. And why not? Sarah is four months pregnant and looking forward to a bright new future after killing the snowman of her nightmares. And at first, everything seems wonderful and exciting.

But then, just as the game show begins, murder rears its ugly head. The host of the game show is poisoned to death. Before Sarah can react, the studio the game show is being held in is cleared out and two creepy clowns appear. Sarah, Amanda, and three other people are taken hostage—and forced to participate in a new type of game created by a man who is out for revenge and power. The new game forces Sarah to use her cop skills to overcome the dangers hiding in the shadows.

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