Snow Toys for You

Alaska Cozy Mystery #13

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Will Sarah and Amanda survive the sub-zero temperatures to thaw out this case, or will a voice from the past get Sarah on the right track?

It’s just what Sarah needs, but fate has other plans for her when she gets a phone call from her cousin, Bonnie Malloy. It’s a plead for help that Sarah can’t turn her back on. Family is family, after all. So, she packs up with her rookie, Amanda, and makes the long journey to a small town in Northern Michigan to visit Bonnie.

Toying with emotions promotes deadly play.

The trip shifts quickly from a friendly scout into a murder investigation when a man is found dead inside Bonnie’s toy store. The residents are busy pointing the blame on each other, and the evidence is growing more malicious as snarky politicians, shady business people, and stone-cold hired killers are added to this circus show.

Playtime is over.

Sarah’s back is against the wall as she deals with Bonnie’s explosive emotions and trying to guide Amanda – who knows more about donuts than she does about conducting a murder investigation. A storm is brewing, promising devastation in its wake.

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