Snow Ordinary Family

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Will Sarah solve another murder and save the lives of innocent people or will she become trapped in the snow and wind up frozen?

Sarah and Amanda are happily planning a girls-only week in Snow Falls while both of their husbands are out of town: an entire week to shop, laze around, bake brownies, and do girly stuff. But then a killer snowstorm arrives along with a whole lot of trouble. First, Sarah must take charge of the police station because half of the town is sick with a terrible flu, including the chief of police. Second, a dead man turns up in her coffee shop. Third, and strangest of all, three sweet and harmless old ladies claim they killed the dead man and an old Snow Falls family feud rears its ugly head. Sarah and Amanda tumble head-first into a strange case with more twists and turns than they realize.

Determined to prove the three elderly ladies are not the real killers—even though they claim to be—Sarah sets out on a troublesome path that finally leads her into the dark history of two families determined to avenge old hurts and long-ago thefts from the frontier days. Chasing down one lead after another with only Amanda at her side, Sarah begins to piece the puzzle together. Just when she is closing in on the answers, the snowstorm turns deadly, trapping her and Amanda inside the police station while the killer roams free in town. Determined not to give up and despite the storm threatening her life, Sarah must find a way to chase down the killer before three more murders happen on her watch.

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