Snow Mercy

Snow Mercy

Series: Alaska Cozy Mystery, Book 11

Will Sarah save Manford from his past and himself? Or will she become the next victim in a twisted plot?

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About the Book

Sarah and Amanda set out to spend the day at O'Mally's Department store and shop until they drop. But when a starving person named Manford Sappers shows up and tries to rob them, the fun-filled day turns into a strange mystery that takes Sarah down an unexpected path. Unwilling to believe that Manford is truly dangerous, Sarah forces him to give up his attempt to rob her and convinces him to come into O'Mally's for a cup of hot coffee. Manford reluctantly agrees, though it’s clear his painful past has made him unwilling to trust authority—or to explain why he’s in town. When Conrad shows up and tells Sarah that a murder has taken place, all eyes fall on Manford.

Refusing to believe Manford is a killer, Sarah convinces the Chief of Police to release Manford Sappers into her custody. It isn't long before Sarah begins to discover some very horrible truths about Manford that draw her closer and closer to his heart. Matters turn worse when a hideous enemy tracks Manford down and threatens his life and his newfound safety in Snow Falls. Now Sarah has to worry about two killers while desperately trying to save the life of a lost heart.

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