Snow is not the Time

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After battling with a deadly British Intelligence Agent in her small town of Snow Falls, Alaska, Sarah Garland is grateful that her life is returning back to normal. At least on the outside. Struggling with writer's block and personal pain over her divorce, Sarah knows that a storm is raging inside of her heart. When her new friend, Conrad Spencer, shows up one morning and asks her to travel to Minnesota with him to help him investigate the death of a close friend, Sarah fears a brewing storm capable of capturing everyone she cares about.

After arriving in Minnesota, Sarah is greeted by flooding rain, a condemned hotel, a deadly man who controls the local Chief of Police, two deadly killers, and a series of strange and dark questions that leads her from one rainy corner to another as she chases down the truth. But when the truth manifests itself, Sarah is forced into a dangerous corner filled with razor sharp characters, each deadly in their own way. But as Sarah fights her way out of the corner, she realizes that anger and pain were the responsible characters behind all the faces appearing in the case.

Will Sarah find the truth and save her friends from the grip of a darkness that she herself is afraid to face? Or will she stand strong as the cold Minnesota rain slowly turns into snow as the case unravels?

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