Snow is not the Time

A Breath of Fresh Air. A New Town. A Perpetual Tale

A Breath of Fresh Air

After solving numerous murders in the generally cozy town of Snow Falls, Alaska, Sarah Garland and Detective Conrad Spencer are ready for life to return to normal. Struggling with writer’s block and dealing with personal pain from her divorce, Sarah knows that a storm is raging inside of her heart, capable of capturing everyone she cares about.

A New Town

When Detective Spencer invites Sarah for a trip with him to Minnesota to help him investigate the death of a close friend, Sarah accepts thinking that it will be good for her mentality. Long time friend Amanda tags along as well, each of the group excited that life has begun to calm down.

A Perpetual Tale

However, upon arrival in Minnesota they are greeted with flooding rain, a condemned hotel, and numerous deadly criminals. Can Sarah overcome the shadows of her past and regain her focus to help her friends find the killer in this new city?