Snow Happens

A Lakeside Murder. An Overwhelming Task. An Ominous Implication

A Lakeside Murder

The usually quaint town of Snow Falls, Alaska has recently been wracked with a series of crimes. As each one is solved, another one appears. A Park Ranger has been found dead near Diamond Lake. Biological warfare secrets are found buried with him in the snow and have ominous implications for the world.

An Overwhelming Task

Sarah Garland, Amanda Funnel, and Detective Conrad Spencer are inundated with the task of solving this crime in their cozy town. Not only are the number of suspects overwhelming, but the fate of the world rests in their hands, as the clock ticks towards the release of a biological virus.

An Ominous Implication

When Amanda is taken hostage by a suspicious newcomer, Sarah and Detective Spencer must make some hard decisions in order to overcome the looming threats. Can the group work fast to solve this mystery, before more innocent lives are put in danger?