Point of Snow Return

Alaska Cozy Mystery #14

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After Sarah returns home from solving a dangerous homicide case in Michigan, she receives a call from a nurse claiming to work for Dr. Wester, a fertility specialist Sarah has been seeing. The nurse explains that Dr. Wester wants to make an appointment to see Sarah about a new treatment plan. Excited at the prospect of finally becoming pregnant, Sarah happily agrees to the appointment. But when Dr. Wester turns up dead and the nurse who contacted Sarah turns out to be a vicious killer, Sarah is thrust in a dark and deep nightmare.

Caught in a terrible winter storm, Sarah and the killer are both separated from each other and forced to wait out the storm. While the wait wears on, Sarah develops a risky plan after a cop friend in Los Angeles makes a vital discovery. Sarah hopes her plan will capture the killer while killing the snowman that has been haunting her heart and dreams—a haunting snowman that came to life while Sarah worked on her very first homicide case years back.

When the storm ends, Sarah leaves for Los Angeles and sets trap for the killer—without knowing the killer has learned her deepest fear. Will Sarah capture a woman determined to kill her, or will she outwit her own fear, capture a killer, and finally become pregnant?

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