Peachy Villains

Sweet Peach Bakery #5

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The circus is in town. The smell of hay, peanuts and clown paint is in the air. Only, this particular circus is filled with revenge, crime, and mystery that quickly lures Momma Peach into the center ring when a gentle clown is murdered. But Momma Peach ain't interested in no spooky circus. All she wants to do is find the truth and bring justice to the guilty. Only, the truth is mingled in with a box full of deadly characters that are determined to extract punishment on poor old Momma Peach for poking her nose in where it didn't belong.

But Momma Peach don't back down from a fight, baby. No sir and no mam. Momma Peach rolls up her sleeves and dives into the circus with both of her short little legs running and enters the mouth of a horrible scream that threatens to swallow her whole—a scream filled with a deadly clown and a vicious assassin assigned to protect a hidden secret at all cost. Oh, give her strength as Momma Peach becomes trapped under the big tent with dark shadows lingering all around her. Will she manage to come back out alive or will she become the last joke of the night?