A Peachy Plan

Sweet Peach Bakery #6

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Momma Peach loves winter time, and she loves the snow. But too much snow can be a bad thing, especially snow covering a deadly mystery. And that's exactly what Momma Peach finds herself in after she decides to accompany Michelle to Vermont after Michelle gets a call from a close friend. Expecting a pleasant trip, Momma Peach settles back and tries to enjoy the snow. The trip quickly turns sour when the vehicle she is riding in ends up in a snowy ditch outside of, strange, small town. And to make matters worse, Michelle's friend is found dead and an innocent little girl goes missing.

Momma Peach is quickly thrust into a chilly mystery filled deadly ice cycles hidden in creepy shadows waiting to pierce her heart. But Momma Peach doesn't back down from a fight, baby, especially after an innocent woman was killed and scared little girl is missing. Willing to face a fierce snowstorm, she slaps on her coat and walks out into a dark night filled with uncertainty and danger, determined to find the truth while her enemies lurk about with their own hidden agenda.

Will Momma Peach live to see the sunrise and return home to her bakery safe and sound? Or will she get swallowed up by a storm raging over a town filled with dark hearts?