A Peachy Case

Sweet Peach Bakery #4

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Momma Peach is about to take a relaxing cruise to Alaska. Or so she thinks! Oh, give her strength. When she arrives in Seattle to board the 'North Queen', the cruise is suddenly canceled due to a mysterious kitchen fire. But Momma Peach isn't going to be dismayed. She decides to travel to Alaska by road and heads north, but not without a rude stranger slipping an item into the pocket of her rain jacket. The stranger then travels to Alaska himself to retrieve the item and ensure Momma Peach never lives to speak about it.

When Momma Peach arrives at a cozy lodge located in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, she is thrust into a dangerous case filled with more twists and turns than she can barely handle. Forced to tackle a hired killer who ends up being tied to the cruise line the 'North Queen' belongs to, Momma Peach believes she is facing one shadow. But when a second shadow shows up and with deadly intent, Momma Peach is thrown into a deep hole filled with more questions than answers.

Will Momma Peach survive the Alaska wilderness filled with deadly traps or will she end up floating in a bowl of flour with pie on her face?