Panic in the Treats

Panic in the Treats

Series: Sweetfern Harbor, Book 16
ISBN: 1696880807

Your reservation is ready for the next cozy mystery at the Sheffield Bed & Breakfast! Latecomers will incur a charge …

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About the Book

It’s all-hands-on-deck at The Sheffield Bed and Breakfast as a wedding party is set up in the side lawn on the grounds. Brenda Rivers expects a full house, both on the side lawn and residential guests with so many coming to attend the decadent event.

The receptionist, Allie Williams, quickly notices that not all guests are happy as they are checking in. Weddings are supposed to bring out romance, fun – not some killer resentment. Everyone has their own intentions for coming to The Sheffield Bed and Breakfast; from the dubious Roland Thorne to Melody and Nadia – two chalk and cheese souls who find comfort in the sea view.

Things take a turn for the worse when Brenda’s husband, Detective Mac Rivers delivers solemn news to Brenda. There has been a murder at the candy store Sweet Treats, where Allie and her mother were working on a large order – and there is a suspected two-person hostage situation.

The stakes have never been higher in this investigation – and rescue mission – and as the details unfold, Brenda doesn’t think she’ll survive the madness as dark days descend upon the Harbor

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