Out of Peach

Sweet Peach Bakery #10

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Will Momma Peach survive another snowy case—along with Aunt Rachel's gassy stomach—or fall victim to people who use politics as power? Oh, give her strength.

Snow. Peach pies. Fireplaces. Oh, the holidays have arrived, and Momma Peach is one happy woman. After surviving a dangerous case in Australia, she is happy to be back home in her bakery baking up a storm. On top of that, sweet Michelle and Abel have finally tied the knot. Life is good. That is, until Momma Peach gets a call from the cops in Virginia. Her poor Aunt Rachel has been arrested for murder.

Momma Peach and Michelle drive to Virginia to get to the bottom of the matter. Surely Aunt Rachel wasn't a murderer, and it doesn't take Momma Peach long to find out her aunt has been set up by two devious and deadly women who are part of a nefarious political movement with powerful roots that go deeper than anyone would guess. Determined to solve the case nice and clean, Momma Peach makes friends with the local detective and calmly figures out the minds of the two spiders she wants to stomp. And just when it seems like the case is about to be solved, a patch of ice appears, and Momma Peach takes a hard fall.