Not So Peachy Day

Sweet Peach Bakery #7

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Poor Momma Peach is sure grateful to be back home in her bakery after dealing with a complicated case of snow and danger in Vermont. But her heart is broken because Michelle is away on vacation in China. But when Sam arrives and notices Momma Peach's long face he suggests they go on a vacation of their own to a tropical island. Momma Peach is reluctant at first but finally decides to go after Rosa shows up in tears and in need of a vacation of her own.

But a powerful snowstorm interrupts the trip and lands Momma Peach at a small airport in a small Tennessee town. With no other choice but to ride out the storm, she goes to a local Inn with Sam and Rosa and immediately runs into two deadly men threatening a Vietnam war veteran. And when one of the men ends up dead in the lobby of the Inn, Momma Peach knows the war veteran is about to be framed for murder. Determined to stand up for what's right Momma Peach jumps into another case head first and tangles with danger while trapped in a blizzard. What Momma Peach doesn't know is she is about to get a big surprise.

Will Momma Peach survive another case with her pocketbook and life intact and reach her tropical island? Or will she finally step into a deep snow drift and become lost in a storm that seems impossible to defeat?