Not Peachy, Mate

Sweet Peach Bakery #9

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Will Momma Peach use her pocketbook and beat the killers into a pulp or will she end up buried alive, baking like a pie under the killing heat of the Australian outback sun?

Momma Peach and Michelle take off for a curious adventure in Australia after an old friend calls Momma Peach and asks for her help. When they arrive in the Northern Territory, their rental car breaks down on a hot, lonely stretch of road. When a dangerous man shows up and drives them to the nearest town, Momma Peach and Michelle become trapped in a strange and deadly murder mystery with villains who aren’t what they seem and an unseen tribe of people who want Momma Peach to become their mystical new Mother.

Trapped in a dangerous land with no way to escape, Michelle and Momma Peach are forced to uncover a hidden truth lurking underneath the Australian heat, while dead bodies keep popping up all around them. And just when they think their day couldn't get any worse, night falls and the true killers appear. Trapped with no place to run, Momma Peach and Michelle become captives in a mysterious game that deals with the hidden chambers of the heart.