Mystery, Snow and Mistletoe

Capturing all the charm of a classic Christmas-themed cozy mystery, the sixth book in the Sweetfern Harbor series is a delightful and enchanting tale that will captivate fans of Brenda’s sleuthing adventures.

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How do you find someone who disappeared without a trace?

Excited to be part of a double-marriage with her best friend Phyllis, Brenda Sheffield eagerly looks forward to the ceremony on Christmas Eve. But when Phyllis recruits her to solve the mystery behind her brother’s unsolvable disappearance, Brenda and her fiancé Mac begin to dig into a long-buried cold case that threatens to challenge everything they knew about their quaint small town.

When a strange discovery causes Brenda to question whether the seemingly upright people around her are really who they’re pretending to be, she starts to piece together the events leading up to Phyllis’ brother’s disappearance – and she realizes that Phyllis might be making a terrible mistake marrying her new soon-to-be husband…

With the clock counting down toward Christmas, Brenda vows she’ll find Phyllis’ brother before their big day. But time is running out. Can Brenda succeed in solving this seemingly impossible case? And will a few footprints in the snow be the big break she needs?