Murder & Spice

A cozy witch mystery with the perfect combination of intrigue, danger and suspense.

Havenholm is a small town with big dreams, good hearts and a corporate problem. The tiny hamlet has attracted the attention of developers seeking new blood and fresh real estate, something Havenholm has in abundance. As news of the incoming business leaks over the town, rumors swirl, anger stirs and a meeting is called at the Town hall.

Cassandra Dean, single witch and owner of The Spicery, is no stranger to change. Few knew what to expect when she first opened shop, yet despite the complaints and questions, her business survived and is now a staple, nestled comfortably near the coffee shop and pharmacy. Progress comes to every area and Cassandra attends the meeting to discover what face this new progress will wear.Yet what should have been an informative gathering soon descends into shouts, accusations…. And murder.