Mary Had a Little Scare

Mary Had a Little Scare

Series: Pineville Gazette Mystery, Book 3

Will Mary and Betty survive a deadly night lost in a mansion consumed with a horrific secret?

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About the Book

Mary Holland is on her way to Maine to attend a funeral with her best friend Betty. At first the trip appears normal but when Betty ends up getting Mary lost on a stormy back road, the trip quickly turns into a nightmare that pulls them into a night filled with secrets, confusing questions, and deadly enemies.

After running her car into a flooded ditch Mary and Betty set out on foot and end up at a spooky old mansion sitting alone in the middle of the woods. Desperate for help they approach the mansion and are quickly chased inside by a dangerous dog. Once inside they become trapped in a hideous game designed by a monster lurking within. With nowhere to run and no way out, Mary and Betty begin fighting their way through a long night, struggling to escape.

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