Hot Springs Murder

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Sarah Garland is now happily married to Conrad. Her life is peaceful and all of her nightmares are far behind her. At least that's the way it seems. When Sarah's best friend Amanda arrives and announces that she's going to buy a hot springs resort—well, a couple of hot springs and a few log cabins—Sarah is thrust into an unknown nightmare filled with deadly monsters. But at first, she simply agrees to go with her friend to buy the resort, not knowing what darkness awaits.

When Sarah and Amanda arrive at the hot spring resort they immediately encounter trouble. First, they meet a hungry grizzly bear and then they find a dead body. Matters turn worse when a strange woman appears and begins spinning a frightening tale that involves Sarah and Amanda being infected with an invisible virus. Terrified and desperate to leave, Sarah and Amanda find themselves trapped between life and death. Forced to fight for their lives the two women enter a battlefield filled with broken pieces of sharp glass.

And just when the two friends believe matters couldn't get any worse, a wounded ex-husband arrives followed by a line of killers. Will Sarah and Amanda survive the virus they are infected with or will they become victim to a horrible plot filled with an unimaginable evil? With time running out they begin running for answers.

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