Ghostly Tours

Capturing all the classic fun of cozy mysteries, the next page-turning book in the Sweetfern Harbor series combines a spooky Halloween tale with a lighthearted who-dun-it that will leave readers guessing until the very end.

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Brenda Sheffield is no fan of ghosts.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, Brenda puts up with her guests’ fascination with the supernatural – and when her staff hatch an ingenious plan for spooky after-dark tours, she sees it as a great money-making opportunity.

But after a lighthearted spot of research leads her to discover the horrifying truth about her beloved inn, her Halloween tours take a more sinister turn… and they soon end in disaster when she stumbles upon a Halloween decoration far more real than anybody wanted.

Teaming up with an old historian to unravel the truth behind the newest murder in the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast, Brenda is forced to confront the dark past behind her inn. With mysterious disappearances haunting the town and no culprit in sight, can Brenda track down the killer? Or do the tales of ghosts lurking the halls have more truth to them than she likes to admit?