Fly, Peaches Fly

Sweet Peach Bakery #12

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Will this be Momma Peach’s final end, or will a sweet voice from her past let Momma know everything is going to be okay?

Momma Peach travels to Fiji for a little relaxation and sun with Michelle. What could be better? Beautiful beaches. Clear blue skies. A beautiful ocean. But when Michelle’s husband asks them to fly to a smaller, remote island in order to have a romantic weekend with his wife, Momma Peach’s fun in the sun suddenly turns into a stormy case of murder and danger.

When the pilot of the seaplane Momma and Michelle are flying on suddenly dies, the plane crashes into the stormy ocean with three other women aboard. Momma Peach and her battered crew manage to make it to the shores of a deserted island in one piece, not knowing what dangers lay ahead for them. Sharks, hired killers, two murderous women, a bitter daughter, and giant cockroaches all make an appearance as poor Momma tries to figure out who killed the pilot while struggling to stay alive.

Have mercy! Will Momma Peach finally meet her end on a deserted island where she only has one roll of toilet paper? Or will she manage to escape with the help of a very special dolphin and the hearts of three women who refuse to give up?