Festival Turmoil

Festival Turmoil

Series: Sweetfern Harbor, Book 7

Brenda must find Jenny at all costs.

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About the Book

Brenda Sheffield Rivers and her husband Detective Mac Rivers have returned from their honeymoon in Italy. They arrive in the depths of winter, ready to prepare for the upcoming Winter Festival. Tourists begin to flood the town and Sheffield Bed and Breakfast is filling up fast. There is only one vacant room due to a cancellation. Brenda is sure her young Reservationist Allie Williams will have it filled before the day is over.

An older couple arrives and introduces themselves as Marilyn and Richard Martin. They are assigned the available room once occupied by the slain actress Ellen Teague. Rachel and Thomas Wellington check in followed by Photographer Philip Turner. Philip is good looking and an obvious flirt. Allie is caught up in his compliments and hopes his attentions won't deter her from winning the coveted skating contest she will compete in at the Festival.
Mac returns to work the next day and expects a long day when he discovers there has been a rash of petty thievery going on around Sweetfern Harbor while on his honeymoon. Two days later he is found stuffed in a closet on the back stairwell of the bed and breakfast, semi-conscious. To add to the tragedy, his daughter who is owner of Jenny's Blossoms is missing. Brenda is torn between worry over Mac's condition and her beloved step-daughter's disappearance. As the mystery begins to unfold Mac recovers and he and Jenny's fiancé Detective Bryce Jones are determined to find Jenny.

In the meantime, Brenda is horrified to learn her guests aren't who they pretend to be. Her concern turns to dread when she wonders if Jenny is alive or dead. Above all, the hunt to find her is imperative. Mac has two suspects, guests of Brenda's, in custody. It is a matter of which one or if either, will confess to what happened to Jenny Rivers.

Brenda vows to uncover the motive for their crimes and deception. She must find Jenny at all costs.

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