Deep in the Snow

A new small town. A new cozy life. And a new beginning.

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Where one case ends, another one begins.

A new killer is after Detective Conrad Spencer, and he decides to turn to the only person he knows who can possibly help him out: former detective turned mystery writer Sarah Garland.

Meeting at her cabin to escape a terrible snow storm, Det. Spencer spins a dangerous tale of the mafia he was hunting down in New York. Spencer also informs Sarah that he plans to track down his ex-wife’s killer for good, and that he was given seven days to do so, or he’s as good as dead. To make matters worse for Spencer, that very mafia boss is in Snowy Falls, looking for him.

Cleverly using the upcoming blizzard to cover his (or her) tracks towards Spencer, it seems the invisible killer, be it the mafia boss or someone else, is determined to catch their prey.

To help her new friend, Sarah must count on her former skills to uncover the killer’s tracks, or run the risk of her and Spencer being put on ice.

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