Deep in the Snow

A Deadly Criminal. A Daunting Secret. A Dangerous Game

A Deadly Criminal

Sarah Garland, a retired homicide detective from Los Angeles, and her best friend Amanda, have been enjoying life in the cozy town of Snow Falls, Alaska. As a snow storm approaches, Sarah closes up her coffee shop and notices a mysterious limo in town, only to learn that it belongs to a notorious criminal, Mafia Boss Ralph Gatti.

A Daunting Secret

Shockingly, Sarah soon learns that her new friend, Detective Conrad Spencer, is the reason for the dangerous Mafia Boss’ appearance. Detective Spencer’s ex-wife Sophia was consumed with the lifestyle of crime and a former fling of Gatti, who is now upset to learn that she passed away, and leaving it to Detective Spencer to find Sophia’s true killer.

A Dangerous Game

With seven days to solve the mystery, Sarah, Amanda, and Detective Conrad work together to follow the tracks of Sophia’s killer. Can they catch the murder without becoming a victim of the mafia themselves?