Dead in Bed

Packed with suspense and page-turning tension, Brenda’s next adventure takes cozy mystery to a whole new level. If you adore puzzling mysteries with idyllic settings and loveable amateur sleuths, then the next installment of the Sweetfern Harbor series is for you.

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Framed and betrayed, time is of the essence…

Egotistical, narcissistic, and thoroughly unlikeable, actress Ellen Teague is the newest arrival to the quiet inn of Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. Brenda tries to accommodate her as best she can – but when Ellen hits her with the shock claim that she’s the rightful owner to the inn, Brenda finally reaches her wits end. Things only get worse when Ellen shows up dead the next day.

Thrown head-first into a murder investigation as the prime suspect, Brenda faces a race against time to clear her name and hunt down the real killer. Betrayed by her lover Mac and given 48 hours to prove her innocence, Brenda’s wits are put to the test as she races to find the truth before the cops come knocking.

But Ellen had no short list of enemies. As Brenda discovers more and more actors with reasons for wanting her dead, it soon becomes clear that piecing together the truth will be no easy task. Can Brenda beat the odds and unmask the killer when even her closest friends are against her? Or will Ellen’s death ruin her life forever?