Danger in the Snow

Danger in the Snow

Series: Alaska Cozy Mystery, Book 9

Will Sarah finally meet her end and die in a snowstorm surrounded by dark shadows and the shattered remnants of her life? Or will she find the will to fight a deadly snowman, staring insanity in the face in order to find victory?

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About the Book

After surviving a deadly virus, Sarah is glad to be safely back home in her warm cabin in Snow Falls, Alaska. After seeing her husband Conrad off to work, she settles down to write in her kitchen with a warm cup of coffee as a powerful snowstorm begins to build. But her cozy morning turns upside down when her best friend Amanda arrives with bad news. At first, the bad news seems humorous to Sarah, but then she quickly realizes that it’s no laughing matter. Matters turn worse when a dead body turns up and a deranged killer arrives in town, bent on fulfilling the wishes of a mentally ill woman determined to kill Amanda.

Forced to defend the life of her best friend, Sarah must battle a terrifying snowstorm and a shadowy foe hiding in the whiteout conditions – not to mention her own inner fears. Desperate for answers and certain that the killer cannot be defeated, Sarah calls an old friend in Los Angeles who is having troubles of his own. To Sarah's relief, her old friend gives her hope and tells her how to draw out the monster terrorizing the people she loves.

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