Cursed Peaches

Sweet Peach Bakery #11

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Will Momma Peach become lost in the whispering halls of a cursed manor? Or will she manage, with the help of Michelle and Sam, to capture a series of killers who all want one thing: money?

All Momma Peach wants to do is bake her some peach pies. Yes sir and yes ma’am. But when a mysterious woman shows up asking for her help, Momma Peach knows that her hope of baking peach pies has come to an end. Traveling to a remote North Georgia manor located deep in the mountains, she, Michelle, and Sam become trapped in a deadly mystery filled with a whole bunch of “Unseen People” that are determined to either kill her or drive her insane.

To make matters worse, the mysterious woman who asked for Momma Peach’s help is the daughter of an eccentric man whom Momma Peach despises. Then, to add fuel to the fire, the man falls in love with Momma Peach and begs her to marry him. But Momma Peach doesn’t have time to fool around with some turkey. No sir and no ma’am. She has a mystery to solve and killers to catch—a whole bunch of killers, in fact, who trap her in the spooky manor with no way out.