Cinnamon Rolls and Corpses

Bethany Lights never expected to be accused of murder.

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Determined to start life anew in the beautiful and snowy state of Alaska after the death of her abusive husband, Bethany dreams of healing and reliving her happy childhood memories as she opens up a cozy and quiet coffee shop.

But after a man arrives to threaten her – and suspiciously turns up dead shortly after – Bethany is thrust head-first into a murder investigation… and all eyes are on her. Fighting to prove her innocence only becomes more difficult when a second death shakes the small town of Snow Falls.

Caught up in a whirlwind of accusations and clues, Bethany is faced with the seemingly impossible task of rooting out the cold-blooded killer who is trying so hard to frame her. Surrounded by suspicious townsfolk and unsure who she can trust, Bethany and her newfound friend Sarah must outwit the murderer and clear her name if she ever hopes to live a quiet life again.

Can Bethany expose the real culprit behind the murders? Or will her new chance at life end before it can even begin?

Perfect for fans of cozy and lighthearted mysteries with loveable amateur sleuths and a gorgeous snowy setting, this picturesque mystery novel is a classic who-dun-it that will delight readers of all ages.