Captain Dead Man

A world-famous boat race, heated rivalries, and a murderer determined to win at all costs.

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With the highly anticipated boat races right around the corner, the usually calm and cozy town of Sweetfern Harbor is bustling with summer activity. The trio of leading Captains bring with them a cohort of fans, and all three are fiercely competitive and determined to win.

But when one of the Captains turns up dead inside his boat, the entire race is thrown into chaos. The organizers are adamant the race go ahead… but after a suspicious accident sinks the dead man’s boat – and all of its evidence – to the bottom of the sea, Brenda soon finds herself roped into another murder investigation.

With no evidence in sight and no shortage of possible saboteurs, Brenda must root out the killer who sent the late Captain to Davy Jones. Proving this crime will be no easy task, and Brenda will need to stay one step ahead if she wants the murderer to face justice…