A Dash of Peach

Sweet Peach Bakery #1

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It is well known that Momma Peach's bakery sells the best bread and peach pie in Pine Falls, Georgia. But what fewer people know is that Momma is also a bit of an amateur detective.

One bright morning, her friend Michelle Chan pays her a visit and tells her that a strange man has been poisoned by her famous pie. Of course, Momma Peach wants nothing more than to find the culprit. But it is a lot harder than it looks.

As Michelle and Momma's investigation goes on, more bodies begin to drop. Momma Peach and her loved ones are threatened by a dangerous killer with an agenda. It is up to the two ladies to keep the townsfolk safe from a murderer whose roots go deeper than either of them could ever imagine.

Can Momma Peach, Michelle and their friends uncover the truth about the murders? Or will their faith and determination not be enough and they find themselves faced with even more deaths? Find out in this gripping cozy mystery by Wendy Meadows - and make sure to stock up on sweet tea and cobbler!